Meet Your Numbers: The Four P's In Relation to Office Depot Discount Coupons

Published: 24th July 2008
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In business, there are four P's that will play a big role in your success. The possibilities present in these present-day principles are as pivotal as your propensity to perfectly memorize Peter F. Drucker's management philosophy. And your Office Depot discount coupons can play a positive role!

Plan for Tomorrow

Planning is an essential part of management success. In fact, it is the first step of the management process and it is the one step that permeates everything in the process; you have to plan as you organize, lead, control, monitor, evaluate and then plan again based on the results.

You have to plan even for something as seemingly trivial as when to use your Office Depot discount coupons. You will be saving money when you use these Office Depot discount coupons whenever you buy your office supplies. When you add in recycling measures, you will have cut costs more than the discount offered by the coupons!

Indeed, planning for savings is a very smart idea, even if you have to start with office supplies. Then you can start planning for bigger, better businesses.

Play Office Politics

Even if you are only employing 2 persons in your home business, there will be office politics. Always remember that when you refuse to play it, you will find yourself inadequately equipped to deal with it. You can at least learn and understand the rules, or better yet, be the one to implement the rules.

Also, bear in mind that inconsequential matters can flare into big issues when not properly addressed in a timely manner. Even the matter of who gets to use what Office Depot discount coupons can quickly escalate into an argument. However, look into possibilities that the misuse of Office Depot discount coupons can be a symptom of deeper issues.

Standard Operating Procedures

Ideally speaking, standard operating procedures should be followed to the letter. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. People have free will, places have rhythms of their own, and processes can go haywire, whether you like them to or not.

Try to learn how processes and things actually get done. Even if you have a manual on bureaucracy, ask around. It could not hurt to know a few things not contained in the manual, and even if it is contained, it is usually buried under tons of legalese and in fine print, to boot.

This applies to your business as well. Do not assume that everything gets done according to your instructions; ask and you will know.

People, People

The best is saved for last. Always remember that your people - customers and employees - are the most important P in your business. Nothing gets done without people, not even in your "paperless" business.

Remember that when your treat your people like numbers, you are preventing your business from meeting its numbers. Not even the entire stock of Office Depot discount coupons can help you cut office costs and increase profits!

So there you have it, the four P's- Planning, Politics, Procedures and People. Know them, learn them by heart, and practice them. When you do, you are one step closer to meeting your all-important number - profits!

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